Tuesday, 7 February 2017



January has gone very fast for us. Me and Zlatan were busy trying to run all his appointments while my husband was working (typical role play ha?).  I must say I am actually very surprised that we didn't miss a single one, 3rd week of January was living on appointments, 5 in 5 days! because Zlatan has so many needs it's good to try to keep all doors opened around in case we need it, also school team that helps to located  school  for kids with extra needs started Zlatans school progress as he is 4 in February which is really good news, this means that they will be writing a statement that will include all Zlatans needs reported from all the specialist and teachers that are involved with his care which in my opinion is fantastic, because when he will join one of special needs school they will have everything about Zlatan written down on black and white! I am hoping that school will really benefit Zlatan and help us understand and communicate with him more.

(photo. Zlatan)

Moving on on how this all started. Well my pregnancy with Zlatan was good for 39 weeks, unfortunately as soon as i started my week 40 I did feel unwell went to hospital and as we found out Zlatan has swollen his meconium which was in my waters, we had to do a CC (the most horrible experience of my life) and than after it was just an issue after issue in a short story. I must say living with a child who has extra needs is exorcising, Zlatan is a lovely boy, I love him with all my heart but because of the other needs he has sometimes it does get difficult, I think we kind of started to back off from social life a bit, because it just feel better home all together. Zlatan is almost 4, his brain is at stage of an 1 year old, so trying to control a year old with a strength of a 4 year old is just difficult. 

(photo. paint in progress)

I guess this is why I love art journaling and paints, when there's so much going on i just like to sit down and relax, this month has been productive with Lollipop box club. i have also wrote a post about paints which you can find here!

(photo. my 2017 planner)

New Year resolutions, yup, i made few and making myself a cover on my planner gives me bit more motivated to keep everything in tact. So far it is working, I seem to be controlling our time bit more but I am completely lost with my crafting stuff! how do you keep everything in one place?

(photo. Banana and lemon shake)

One of my resolutions for this year is to be back on healthy eating, I was doing so well last year, all the way till November (our wedding) after there's was a honeymoon and Christmas and my belly just went, yeah , bigger! So far I am doing well, of course I had a cheat snack/meal during first month but more my body is getting use to getting what it needs from healthy products, not those fake sugars :D

(photo. healthy food prepared by me)

I think this is a bit of what we have been up to and a bit of my family bacground.

There's a short video of more photographs from January.

I have planned many things for February, tutorial, couple of posts, Valentines and of course family cuddles followed by sticking to the planner, making sure I carry on exercising and eating healthy and many many more....

I hope you had a nice stay and that next month will be good for you !




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